Coal archeology, Our friends architects from the studio atelier • tečka invited us for cooperation on the project. Our task was to create a new public area after a disappeared church. The citizens of little town called Chabařovice accepted our design warmly. So we may soon dig coal but we will not destroy anything, we will create! Furnitures will be made from coal. The church was demolished because of mining and now it is time to reborn a few artefacts from the church which will create the furniture and support main ideal of this new public area as an open-space church in nature. 2020, Chabařovice

Sky on the Earth, This instalation was inspired by the experience of a night flight over storm clouds. Columbus Courtyard was transformed into an electrifying life sized cloud made of foam. On a walkway, travel through and touch the cloud as lighting illuminates the foam to create beautiful colours accompanying the deep throb of a thunderstorm. 2020, London, Open scene - lighting installation

Public living, Design of setting in front of Public Hall HRANIČÁŘ in Ústí nad Labem. It includes a concrete table around a tree, an island-shaped pier for sitting, lying or performance, a public library in the shape of a classic Czech prefab house, a pre-war house as a piano case and night screenings in front of the entrance to Hraničář. 2018, Ústí nad Labem

Malostranské dvorky, This installation was part of the festival Malostranské dvorky, which takes place almost every year at inaccessible places in the Lesser Town since 1981. The flowers were planted in a single line and sorted by shades of color spectrum. 2018, Malostranské dvorky, Prague

Hard ground, The hard ground project was part of the M3 festival and its realization is continuing after the festival. In this project we try to draw attention to the ever-deteriorating situation about drying up of streams, rivers and rivulet in the form of a walking statue. 2019, Prague

Emptiness / Repletion, With this light installation, you could see the places where you walk every day, in a new way. The installation was not quite luminous and it was showed only to those who took the works to looked with his own light source (for example a headlamp) thanks to a reflective spray. 2019, GAMPA, Pardubice

Water for you, On the Bethlehem Chapel there is a wide eaves in the middle of the facade. It drains rainwater from the large roof of the chapel into the sewer. Using energy-efficient nanofiltration, we made drinking water out of this water and offered it to passers-by. 2019, Fragner Gallery, Prague

The mystery of Čapek's carpet, Exhibition architecture 2018, Trade fair palace, National Gallery, Prague

Hospital, We designed a series of author wallpapers. They were created using watercolor, which we leave free process. Color, water, gravity and temperature created images of emerging life. 2019, Ústí nad Labem

Healing 2.00, Exhibition architecture 2018, MeetFactory Gallery, Prague

Heaven on Earth, The light installation brought visitors to the clouds. The atmosphere of the storm was formed by fluffy clouds that transmitted lightning across the courtyard of the Clam-Gallas Palace in the center of Prague and the low thundering bass sound. The visitors walked through the clouds that were built by special foam so they could touch them. 2018, Clam-Gallas Palace, Prague


UAII roars Tracy's tiger by Saroyan when he sees something beautiful and exciting. UAII are letters representing art, architecture, intervention. UAII is an association of artists, architects, and technicians that focuses on experimental spatial creation and processing of complex environments. A holistic approach to designing and using new technologies plays a crucial role, but UAII remembers to work with a simple physical world also. UAII is an altruistic effort to improve the environment around us. At the center of our work stands the viewer, human, animal or plant.

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